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Re: NetBSD package news/pan

  It seems that the latest revision of devel/glib2 (glib2-2.16.3nb3) no
  longer includes the functions g_assert() or
  g_assert_not_reached(). These functions disappeared recently, since
  they were still there in glib2-2.14.4.

  This causes a build problem for news/pan which has several references
  to the above functions.

  Can anyone suggest an appropriate work-around?  Preferably one that
  does not involve reverting back to the older version of glib2, since
  it's taken me several days to complete a pkg_rolling-update :)

Without looking, I'd guess these were marked deprecated in 2.14 or
earlier, and removed in 2.16.  So the ways forward (rejecting "convince
glib2 folks not to remove functions" and "add the deprecated functions
back in to pkgsrc" options) are:

  get news/pan updated to a new version that builds against modern glib2

  patch the sources to stop using the no-longer-provided functions

When things like this have happened to me, I've sometimes been able to
pull the changes from upstream cvs/svn, even if they haven't produced a

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