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Request for help with Radius authentication using Poptop from Pkgsrc and NetBSD-4.0


I'm setting up a PPTP VPN server under NetBSD-4.0 Stable (i386) using poptop, but have run into problems trying to get radius authentication to work. 

Is there any way under NetBSD to configure radius authentication and pass assigned IPs to poptop from a Freeradius server other than using the and plugins from the ppp-2.4.3 package referenced in /etc/ppp/options.pptpd?

Unfortunately ppp-2.4.3 doesn't build under NetBSD-4.0 (ppp is already included in the OS) and I haven't had much luck trying to modify the source to allow it to build, but then my C is pretty rusty so that's no surprise.

Any help appreciated!


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