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Re: anjuta compiling bug with autogen

On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 06:19:41PM +0200, Peter Haberl wrote:
> today i found a bug(?) concerning the compile process with devel/anjuta on 
> i386. i already read about a hang error with compiling simply devel/autogen. 
> so i just installed the autogen-5.8.3nb1 binary pkg from 2.1_2007Q3 what 
> worked without any problems. so then i went back to my pkgsrc directory and 
> wanted to make install anjuta again after cleaning. but it still seems to 
> want to get and install autogen-5.9.3 and again stopped hanging with the 
> following output (the same i said i found on google same minutes ago):
> i would appreciate any help and hope the problem will be solved soon!

I just updated autogen in pkgsrc to 5.9.5, which fixes the problem for
me. Do you still see it with that version?

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