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Re: Linux-specific issue

> I don't know why but ${GAME_USER} and ${GAMES_GROUP} are commented out in
> mk/platform/
> Should use ${GAMEOWN} and ${GAMEGRP} instead?

With those lines uncommented 'bmake show-var VARNAME=MAKE_DIRS_PERMS'
works fine and games/rocksndiamonds{,-level} packages are built

I'll check whether other games/ packages are built correctly next time
I run distbb bulk build under Linux. You'll see this too in pkgsrc-bulk@.

 >> 0 rocksndiamonds-levels>pwd
 >> /srv/pkgsrc/games/rocksndiamonds-levels
 >> 0 rocksndiamonds-levels>bmake show-var VARNAME=MAKE_DIRS_PERMS
 >> bmake: "../../mk/check/../../mk/check/" line 80: Not enough 
 >> words in for substitution list
 >> bmake: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue
 >> bmake: stopped in /srv/pkgsrc/games/rocksndiamonds-levels
 >> 1 rocksndiamonds-levels>

Best regards, Aleksey Cheusov.

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