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roundcube (and/or PHP?) package installation

Perhaps I have missed some documentation, but I'm having a challenging time installing roundcube on my NetBSD 4.0 box. I'm no pkgsrc newbie but this package is troubling me.

Using "pkg_info roundcube," I was directed to the INSTALL file, which I used to set up my mysql database. When I got to the step of running the installer PHP script from my browser, no such directory existed on my server. I manually extracted the directory from the original distribution tarball and was able to run the installer/index.php script.

The next problem I ran in to was that the installer told me that Sockets are NOT OK in the Checking PHP extensions section. I read the information at the provided link at and it looks like the --enable-sockets configure option was not specified during the build of the lang/php package. This option is apparently not handled by the pkgsrc build process, so I would have to figure out how to manually configure PHP with all of the options that pkgsrc usually supplies plus sockets. I can certainly do this, but it seems like I'm getting further off the trail.

What, if anything, have I missed in setting up roundcube? Has anybody else successfully installed this package, and if so, what steps did you follow?


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