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Re: sendmail, openssl and NetBSD 3.1

On Mon, 28 Apr 2008, Michael-John Turner wrote:
On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 02:55:15PM +0100, Stephen Borrill wrote:
I guess this is due to the presence of libpthread which was not linked to
in 2007Q4 (same version of sendmail, but openssl 0.9.7i)

This is really just a stab in the dark, but are all of sendmail's other
dependencies (eg OpenLDAP) built with GNU pth instead of kernel threads?

It doesn't have any other dependencies. The same thing happens with ldap removed as an option. sendmail's only dependency is openssl

If you ktrace(1) sendmail's startup, do you get any more info that can help
resolve this?


[reading .so files and spwd.db]
 17070 sendmail CALL  geteuid
 17070 sendmail RET   geteuid 0
 17070 sendmail CALL  getegid
 17070 sendmail RET   getegid 17/0x11
17070 sendmail CALL __sigaction_sigtramp(0xd,0xbfbfca70,0xbfbfca50,0xbda1855c,1)
 17070 sendmail RET   __sigaction_sigtramp 0
 17070 sendmail CALL  umask(0x12)
 17070 sendmail RET   umask 18/0x12
 17070 sendmail CALL  write(2,0xbd9baf40,0x33)
 17070 sendmail GIO   fd 2 wrote 51 bytes
       "_res is not supported for multi-threaded programs.
 17070 sendmail RET   write 51/0x33
 17070 sendmail CALL  __sigprocmask14(3,0xbd9be4a0,0)
 17070 sendmail RET   __sigprocmask14 0
 17070 sendmail CALL  getpid
 17070 sendmail RET   getpid 17070/0x42ae, 304/0x130
 17070 sendmail CALL  kill(0x42ae, SIGABRT)
 17070 sendmail RET   kill 0
 17070 sendmail PSIG  SIGABRT SIG_DFL


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