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Re: installing PHP pear packages? (and Crypt/Blowfish.php)

Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
What is the recommended way to install PHP pear packages?

I need Crypt/Blowfish.php

The copy I see from another install (not pkgsrc) has

So what is the pkgsrc way to install this?

Do I use some pear tool to install it? If so will it clutter my LOCALBASE? Or will it be registered as a pkgsrc package?

(I have not installed lang/pear yet.)

Do I package it for pkgsrc? If so, what is an example template to look at?


There are a few PEAR packages in pkgsrc already. You'll need to install PEAR (lang/pear) as a base requirement. Then have a look at any of the pear-* packages as examples of how to package it:

If it all works correctly pkgsrc should properly register the package with PEAR when the install is complete. i.e. 'pear list' will show Crypt_Blowfish.



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