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Problems building scmgit-base on Solaris 10

$ uname -a
SunOS federal 5.10 Generic sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V890

$ gcc -v
Reading specs from /usr/sfw/lib/gcc/sparc-sun-solaris2.10/3.4.3/specs
Configured with:
--prefix=/usr/sfw --with-as=/usr/sfw/bin/gas --with-gnu-as
--with-ld=/usr/ccs/bin/ld --without-gnu-ld --enable-languages=c,c++
Thread model: posix
gcc version 3.4.3 (csl-sol210-3_4-branch+sol_rpath)

I'm using pkgsrc-2008Q1

Attached is the full log.

The interesting part says:

    CC test-absolute-path.o
    LINK test-absolute-path
    CC test-parse-options.o
    LINK test-parse-options
=> Unwrapping files-to-be-installed.
*** Error code 255

bmake: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/devel/scmgit-base
*** Error code 1

bmake: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/devel/scmgit-base
$ exit

Any idea?
Gerardo Santana
Script started on Tue Apr 15 19:21:39 2008
$ sudo bmake
=> Bootstrap dependency digest>=20010302: found digest-20060826
===> Checking for vulnerabilities in scmgit-base-
=> Checksum SHA1 OK for git-
=> Checksum RMD160 OK for git-
===> Installing dependencies for scmgit-base-
The following variables will affect the build process of this package,
scmgit-base-  Their current value is shown below:

        * SSLBASE (defined)
        * SSLCERTS = /usr/pkg/etc/openssl/certs
        * SSLDIR = /usr/pkg/etc/openssl
        * SSLKEYS = /usr/pkg/etc/openssl/private

You may want to abort the process now with CTRL-C and change their value
before continuing.  Be sure to run `/usr/pkg/bin/bmake clean' after
the changes.
=> Build dependency gmake>=3.78: found gmake-3.81
=> Build dependency gtar-base>=1.13.25: found gtar-base-1.15.1nb4
=> Build dependency {gettext-tools>=0.14.5,gettext>=0.10.36<0.14.5}: found 
=> Full dependency perl>=5.8.7: found perl-5.8.8nb4
=> Full dependency tk>=8.4: found tk-8.4.16
=> Full dependency expat>=2.0.0nb1: found expat-2.0.1
=> Full dependency curl>=7.17.1nb1: found curl-7.18.0nb1
=> Full dependency libiconv>=1.9.1nb4: found libiconv-1.11
=> Full dependency openssl>=0.9.8g: found openssl-0.9.8g
===> Overriding tools for scmgit-base-
===> Extracting for scmgit-base-
===> Patching for scmgit-base-
=> Applying pkgsrc patches for scmgit-base-
===> Creating toolchain wrappers for scmgit-base-
===> Configuring for scmgit-base-
=> Modifying GNU configure scripts to avoid --recheck
=> Replacing config-guess with pkgsrc versions
=> Replacing config-sub with pkgsrc versions
=> Replacing install-sh with pkgsrc version
=> Replacing Perl interpreter in *.perl */*.perl */*/*.perl.
configure: WARNING: If you wanted to set the --build type, don't use --host.
    If a cross compiler is detected then cross compile mode will be used.
configure: CHECKS for programs
checking for sparc-sun-solaris2-cc... gcc
checking for C compiler default output file name... a.out
checking whether the C compiler works... yes
checking whether we are cross compiling... no
checking for suffix of executables... 
checking for suffix of object files... o
checking whether we are using the GNU C compiler... yes
checking whether gcc accepts -g... yes
checking for gcc option to accept ANSI C... none needed
checking for sparc-sun-solaris2-gar... no
checking for sparc-sun-solaris2-ar... no
checking for gar... gar
checking for gtar... /usr/pkg/bin/tar
Using Tcl/Tk interpreter /usr/pkg/bin/wish
checking for asciidoc... no
configure: CHECKS for libraries
checking for SHA1_Init in -lcrypto... yes
checking for curl_global_init in -lcurl... yes
checking for XML_ParserCreate in -lexpat... yes
checking for iconv in -lc... no
checking for iconv in -liconv... yes
checking for deflateBound in -lz... no
checking for socket in -lc... no
configure: CHECKS for header files
checking how to run the C preprocessor... gcc -E
checking for egrep... grep -E
checking for ANSI C header files... yes
checking for sys/types.h... yes
checking for sys/stat.h... yes
checking for stdlib.h... yes
checking for string.h... yes
checking for memory.h... yes
checking for strings.h... yes
checking for inttypes.h... yes
checking for stdint.h... yes
checking for unistd.h... yes
checking sys/select.h usability... yes
checking sys/select.h presence... yes
checking for sys/select.h... yes
checking for old iconv()... yes
configure: CHECKS for typedefs, structures, and compiler characteristics
checking for struct dirent.d_ino... yes
checking for struct dirent.d_type... no
checking for struct sockaddr_storage... yes
checking for struct addrinfo... yes
checking for getaddrinfo... yes
checking whether formatted IO functions support C99 size specifiers... yes
configure: CHECKS for library functions
checking for strcasestr... no
checking for memmem... no
checking for strlcpy... yes
checking for strtoumax... yes
checking for setenv... yes
checking for unsetenv... yes
checking for mkdtemp... no
configure: CHECKS for site configuration
configure: creating ./config.status
config.status: creating config.mak.autogen
===> Building for scmgit-base-
    GEN common-cmds.h
    * new build flags or prefix
    CC git.o
    CC builtin-add.o
    CC builtin-annotate.o
    CC builtin-apply.o
    CC builtin-archive.o
    CC builtin-blame.o
    CC builtin-branch.o
    CC builtin-bundle.o
    CC builtin-cat-file.o
    CC builtin-check-attr.o
    CC builtin-checkout-index.o
    CC builtin-check-ref-format.o
    CC builtin-clean.o
    CC builtin-commit.o
    CC builtin-commit-tree.o
    CC builtin-count-objects.o
    CC builtin-describe.o
    CC builtin-diff.o
    CC builtin-diff-files.o
    CC builtin-diff-index.o
    CC builtin-diff-tree.o
    CC builtin-fast-export.o
    CC builtin-fetch.o
    CC builtin-fetch-pack.o
    CC builtin-fetch--tool.o
    CC builtin-fmt-merge-msg.o
    CC builtin-for-each-ref.o
    CC builtin-fsck.o
    CC builtin-gc.o
    CC builtin-grep.o
    CC builtin-init-db.o
    CC builtin-log.o
    CC builtin-ls-files.o
    CC builtin-ls-tree.o
    CC builtin-ls-remote.o
    CC builtin-mailinfo.o
    CC builtin-mailsplit.o
    CC builtin-merge-base.o
    CC builtin-merge-file.o
    CC builtin-merge-ours.o
    CC builtin-mv.o
    CC builtin-name-rev.o
    CC builtin-pack-objects.o
    CC builtin-prune.o
    CC builtin-prune-packed.o
    CC builtin-push.o
    CC builtin-read-tree.o
    CC builtin-reflog.o
    CC builtin-send-pack.o
    CC builtin-config.o
    CC builtin-rerere.o
    CC builtin-reset.o
    CC builtin-rev-list.o
    CC builtin-rev-parse.o
    CC builtin-revert.o
    CC builtin-rm.o
    CC builtin-shortlog.o
    CC builtin-show-branch.o
    CC builtin-stripspace.o
    CC builtin-symbolic-ref.o
    CC builtin-tag.o
    CC builtin-tar-tree.o
    CC builtin-unpack-objects.o
    CC builtin-update-index.o
    CC builtin-update-ref.o
    CC builtin-upload-archive.o
    CC builtin-verify-pack.o
    CC builtin-verify-tag.o
    CC builtin-write-tree.o
    CC builtin-show-ref.o
    CC builtin-pack-refs.o
    CC builtin-http-fetch.o
    CC blob.o
    CC commit.o
    CC connect.o
    CC csum-file.o
    CC cache-tree.o
    CC base85.o
    CC date.o
    CC diff-delta.o
    CC entry.o
    CC exec_cmd.o
    CC ident.o
    CC pretty.o
    CC interpolate.o
    CC hash.o
    CC lockfile.o
    CC patch-ids.o
    CC object.o
    CC pack-check.o
    CC pack-write.o
    CC patch-delta.o
    CC path.o
    CC pkt-line.o
    CC sideband.o
    CC reachable.o
    CC reflog-walk.o
    CC quote.o
    CC read-cache.o
    CC refs.o
    CC run-command.o
    CC dir.o
    CC object-refs.o
    CC server-info.o
    CC setup.o
    CC sha1_file.o
    CC sha1_name.o
    CC strbuf.o
    CC tag.o
    CC tree.o
    CC usage.o
    CC config.o
    CC environment.o
    CC ctype.o
    CC copy.o
    CC revision.o
    CC pager.o
    CC tree-walk.o
    CC xdiff-interface.o
    CC write_or_die.o
    CC trace.o
    CC list-objects.o
    CC grep.o
    CC match-trees.o
    CC alloc.o
    CC merge-file.o
    CC path-list.o
    CC help.o
    CC unpack-trees.o
    CC diff.o
    CC diff-lib.o
    CC diffcore-break.o
    CC diffcore-order.o
    CC diffcore-pickaxe.o
    CC diffcore-rename.o
    CC tree-diff.o
    CC combine-diff.o
    CC diffcore-delta.o
    CC log-tree.o
    CC color.o
    CC wt-status.o
    CC archive-zip.o
    CC archive-tar.o
    CC shallow.o
    CC utf8.o
    CC convert.o
    CC attr.o
    CC decorate.o
    CC progress.o
    CC mailmap.o
    CC symlinks.o
    CC remote.o
    CC transport.o
    CC bundle.o
    CC walker.o
    CC parse-options.o
    CC ws.o
    CC archive.o
    CC http.o
    CC http-walker.o
    CC compat/strcasestr.o
    CC compat/mkdtemp.o
    CC compat/hstrerror.o
    CC compat/memmem.o
    AR libgit.a
    CC xdiff/xdiffi.o
    CC xdiff/xprepare.o
    CC xdiff/xutils.o
    CC xdiff/xemit.o
    CC xdiff/xmerge.o
    AR xdiff/lib.a
    LINK git
    BUILTIN git-fetch-pack
    CC hash-object.o
    LINK git-hash-object
    CC index-pack.o
    LINK git-index-pack
    CC fast-import.o
    LINK git-fast-import
    CC daemon.o
    LINK git-daemon
    CC merge-index.o
    LINK git-merge-index
    CC mktag.o
    LINK git-mktag
    CC mktree.o
    LINK git-mktree
    CC patch-id.o
    LINK git-patch-id
    CC receive-pack.o
    LINK git-receive-pack
    BUILTIN git-send-pack
    CC shell.o
    LINK git-shell
    CC show-index.o
    LINK git-show-index
    CC unpack-file.o
    LINK git-unpack-file
    CC update-server-info.o
    LINK git-update-server-info
    CC upload-pack.o
    LINK git-upload-pack
    CC pack-redundant.o
    LINK git-pack-redundant
    CC var.o
    LINK git-var
    CC merge-tree.o
    LINK git-merge-tree
    CC imap-send.o
    LINK git-imap-send
    CC merge-recursive.o
    LINK git-merge-recursive
    CC http-push.o
    LINK git-http-push
    GEN git-bisect
    GEN git-checkout
    GEN git-clone
    GEN git-merge-one-file
    GEN git-mergetool
    GEN git-parse-remote
    GEN git-pull
    GEN git-rebase
    GEN git-rebase--interactive
    GEN git-repack
    GEN git-request-pull
    GEN git-sh-setup
    GEN git-am
    GEN git-merge
    GEN git-merge-stupid
    GEN git-merge-octopus
    GEN git-merge-resolve
    GEN git-lost-found
    GEN git-quiltimport
    GEN git-submodule
    GEN git-filter-branch
    GEN git-stash
    GEN git-help--browse
    SUBDIR perl
/usr/pkg/bin/perl Makefile.PL PREFIX='/usr/pkg'
Writing perl.mak for Git
    GEN git-add--interactive
    GEN git-archimport
    GEN git-cvsimport
    GEN git-relink
    GEN git-cvsserver
    GEN git-remote
    GEN git-cvsexportcommit
    GEN git-send-email
    GEN git-svn
    GEN gitweb/gitweb.cgi
    GEN git-instaweb
    BUILTIN git-merge-subtree
    BUILTIN git-format-patch
    BUILTIN git-show
    BUILTIN git-whatchanged
    BUILTIN git-cherry
    BUILTIN git-get-tar-commit-id
    BUILTIN git-init
    BUILTIN git-repo-config
    BUILTIN git-fsck-objects
    BUILTIN git-cherry-pick
    BUILTIN git-peek-remote
    BUILTIN git-status
    BUILTIN git-add
    BUILTIN git-annotate
    BUILTIN git-apply
    BUILTIN git-archive
    BUILTIN git-blame
    BUILTIN git-branch
    BUILTIN git-bundle
    BUILTIN git-cat-file
    BUILTIN git-check-attr
    BUILTIN git-checkout-index
    BUILTIN git-check-ref-format
    BUILTIN git-clean
    BUILTIN git-commit
    BUILTIN git-commit-tree
    BUILTIN git-count-objects
    BUILTIN git-describe
    BUILTIN git-diff
    BUILTIN git-diff-files
    BUILTIN git-diff-index
    BUILTIN git-diff-tree
    BUILTIN git-fast-export
    BUILTIN git-fetch
    BUILTIN git-fetch--tool
    BUILTIN git-fmt-merge-msg
    BUILTIN git-for-each-ref
    BUILTIN git-fsck
    BUILTIN git-gc
    BUILTIN git-grep
    BUILTIN git-init-db
    BUILTIN git-log
    BUILTIN git-ls-files
    BUILTIN git-ls-tree
    BUILTIN git-ls-remote
    BUILTIN git-mailinfo
    BUILTIN git-mailsplit
    BUILTIN git-merge-base
    BUILTIN git-merge-file
    BUILTIN git-merge-ours
    BUILTIN git-mv
    BUILTIN git-name-rev
    BUILTIN git-pack-objects
    BUILTIN git-prune
    BUILTIN git-prune-packed
    BUILTIN git-push
    BUILTIN git-read-tree
    BUILTIN git-reflog
    BUILTIN git-config
    BUILTIN git-rerere
    BUILTIN git-reset
    BUILTIN git-rev-list
    BUILTIN git-rev-parse
    BUILTIN git-revert
    BUILTIN git-rm
    BUILTIN git-shortlog
    BUILTIN git-show-branch
    BUILTIN git-stripspace
    BUILTIN git-symbolic-ref
    BUILTIN git-tag
    BUILTIN git-tar-tree
    BUILTIN git-unpack-objects
    BUILTIN git-update-index
    BUILTIN git-update-ref
    BUILTIN git-upload-archive
    BUILTIN git-verify-pack
    BUILTIN git-verify-tag
    BUILTIN git-write-tree
    BUILTIN git-show-ref
    BUILTIN git-pack-refs
    BUILTIN git-http-fetch
    SUBDIR git-gui
    * new locations or Tcl/Tk interpreter
    GEN git-gui
    INDEX lib/
    MSGFMT    po/de.msg 371 translated.
    MSGFMT    po/fr.msg 371 translated.
    MSGFMT    po/hu.msg 371 translated.
    MSGFMT    po/it.msg 370 translated, 1 untranslated.
    MSGFMT    po/ja.msg 371 translated.
    MSGFMT    po/ru.msg 367 translated, 4 untranslated.
    MSGFMT    po/sv.msg 371 translated.
    MSGFMT po/zh_cn.msg 53 translated, 56 fuzzy, 253 untranslated.
    SUBDIR gitk-git
    GEN gitk-wish
Generating catalog po/de.msg
msgfmt --statistics --tcl po/de.po -l de -d po/
163 translated messages.
    SUBDIR perl
cp blib/lib/
cp blib/lib/
Manifying blib/man3/private-Error.3
Manifying blib/man3/Git.3
    SUBDIR templates
    CC test-chmtime.o
    LINK test-chmtime
    CC test-genrandom.o
    LINK test-genrandom
    CC test-date.o
    LINK test-date
    CC test-delta.o
    LINK test-delta
    CC test-sha1.o
    LINK test-sha1
    CC test-match-trees.o
    LINK test-match-trees
    CC test-absolute-path.o
    LINK test-absolute-path
    CC test-parse-options.o
    LINK test-parse-options
=> Unwrapping files-to-be-installed.
*** Error code 255

bmake: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/devel/scmgit-base
*** Error code 1

bmake: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/devel/scmgit-base
$ exit

script done on Tue Apr 15 19:24:40 2008

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