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Wipathon report

Hello pkgsrc users and developers!

The First Wipathon has ended with success.
We were focusing on the cleanup of pkgsrc-wip, here's how it went:

We could tidy up pkgsrc-wip and import some packages to pkgsrc.
There are some other software we have made ready to use, and only needs
some testing before we can import them.
We have also got rid of outdated and long time unmaintained packages.
But the most important is, that we could share and discuss our ideas.

Here's a list of some changes:
  * Updated: clisp, chicken, noweb
  * Imported: dvtm, hunspell-hu_HU, words, portmap, bin86, lilo, tkabber, 
mopac, yabause
  * Almost ready, but needs testing: php-suhoshin, confuse, lat, php-doc* and 
many others!

For a more detailed list please see:

For more information on pkgsrc-wip see:

Thanks for everyone who helped us!

    Adam Hoka

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