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Re: emulators/qemu fails to build on NetBSD 4.0 (with workaround)

On Sun 16 Mar 2008 at 02:14:54 +0100, Klaus Heinz wrote:
> Qemu is incompatible with gcc 4 (at least on x86) at this time. See

But why then does it use gcc-4-specific options? That's what my build
stopped on. And there is even a mention of same option in the pkg

# Does not build with the stack protector
.if ${OPSYS} == "DragonFly"
CFLAGS+=                -fno-stack-protector

or if this option is not gcc-4 specific, it isn't understood by the
gcc-3 that is installed in any case.

And why does it install lang/gcc3-c rather than the newer lang/gcc34?
Which I already had, so it would have been far less work.

So if my workaround doesn't work, how should I get rid of the use of
-fno-stack-protector, apparently somewhere deep inside the build

> ciao
>      Klaus
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