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Re: Help with creating a Qt package

Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:

> Yes. Also complain to the genius that wrote the rules.

While I understand Joerg's frustration :-) I would suggest to not let show
it in messages to upstream maintainers so clearly.

In my experience, patches will be accepted by most software authors if
they do not change the way the software builds/works without pkgsrc.

So in this case I suggest to do it this way:

  INSTALL_PROGRAM_DIR=install -v -d
  INSTALL_PROGRAM=install -v

  install:        $(name)
        @${INSTALL_PROGRAM_DIR} $(prefix)/bin
        @${INSTALL_PROGRAM} $(name) $(prefix)/bin/$(name)

[ Maybe the author can even be persuaded to drop the "-v" for better
portability out of the box] 

Then you can override INSTALL_PROGRAM_DIR and INSTALL_PROGRAM in the
pkgsrc Makefile


This way of creating patches is slightly more complex than simply
replacing "install -vD" with ${INSTALL_PROGRAM} but it has a much
better chance of getting integrated upstream; one less patch in pkgsrc
where we have way to many.


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