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Re: sysutils/cdrtools fails to build on -current

On Wednesday 12 March 2008 21:07:00 wrote:
> Hi, I'm running NetBSD 4.99.55, when building cdrtools I get the following
> error messages
>        ==> LINKING "OBJ/sparc-netbsd-gcc/cdda2wav"
> OBJ/sparc-netbsd-gcc/cdda2wav.o: In function `main':
> cdda2wav.c:(.text+0x4188): undefined reference to `sched_get_priority_min'
> cdda2wav.c:(.text+0x4190): undefined reference to `sched_get_priority_max'
> cdda2wav.c:(.text+0x41b8): undefined reference to `sched_setscheduler'
> gmake[1]: *** [OBJ/sparc-netbsd-gcc/cdda2wav] Error 1
> Any ideas how to fix it?

Well looks like librt is not linked here. I looked at 
sysutils/cdrtools/Makefile and right at the end it checks for priority 
scheduling under NetBSD, but for some reason it is not picked up later. Can 
somebody look into this?

The weird thing is, even though you get compiler errors like above, the build 
does not stop and continues all the way to the end. One way you know 
something went wrong is when you type 'make install' and 'make package' and 
install complains about missing files, like cdda2wav and cdrecord.

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