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Re: How to update one or more packages depended?

On Sat, 8 Mar 2008 03:37:12 +0800
Water NB <> wrote:

> I need update a package A.
> A is depended by B1 and B2.
> Both B1 and B2 are depended by C.
> if I run "make update" for A, will it build C twice? how to avoid it?
> if I need update many packages A1, A2, ..., how can I avoid reduplicated
> building.
> thanks.

There is a tool called pkg_rolling-replace (pkg_RR for short) available
that many people find useful for updating. It can be installed from

just running "pkg_rolling-replace -uv" should update everything with
as little rebuilding as possible.
If you don't mind a small bit of unnecessary rebuilding as a tradeof for
always getting correct shared library dependencies, then you can run it
with "-rsuv" (which is what I do). See the manpage for an explanation
of the options.


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