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Re: Updating emulators/simh

On 29/02/2008, Jan-Benedict Glaw <> wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-02-29 09:21:21 +0100, Luca Sironi <> 
> wrote:
>  >
> > Jan, can I use IDLE cpu feature with your updated version?
> I haven't ever used the IDLE feature, so this is untested. However,
>  with this patchset, the IDLE feature can be activated.

>  Networking may work, too.

It works - I tried this a few hours ago with vax/4.0.

Now if I could find this elusive OpenVMS/VAX CD... gone are the days...

>  I can also activate a disk (set rq0 rauser=15000) with
>  more than 2GB, which didn't work before, too.
>  However, this is all pretty untested because the VAX install CD I've
>  built doesn't boot. (This isn't is problem of SIMH, but with the CD
>  image itself.)

I just downloaded the release version. As far as I know it, there are
some problems with -current on VAX, so I didn't bother to build one.

I can also say that the emulator felt much faster than expected - on a
dual 800 mhz i386 box; it did take about an hour to install (sans
X11), but then it feels almost like a physical machine.

Next to revive XVM/DOS . . .

>  The new patch is attached, please keep me Cc'ed.
>  MfG, JBG
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