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pls help me get gimp running :)

Yeah ok, you may stop laughing now :)

$ gimp

** ERROR **: file dbus-gproxy.c: line 238 (dbus_g_proxy_manager_unref): 
assertion failed: (manager->refcount > 0)

I'm on a i386/4.99.52 here, with maybe a week old pkgsrc. There's no
pending updates in graphics/gimp, devel/dbus or the like. I've
installed gimp from pkgsrc. I.e. gimp-2.4. No options except for
default:-inet6 (but gimp doesn't have an inet6 option).

dbus is running ..: $ /etc/rc.d/dbus status                                     
dbus is running as pid 327.

I've tried googling for it, yet me -fu's too weak or I have some esoteric
(i.e. self-made) problem and am the only one to see that.

Anybody else has seen that? Know how to fix?

Thanks in advance.

-Martin (talented left-foot-sniper)

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