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curses detection and inclusion broken [was Re: xentools 3.1.3nb1 not building - ncurses.h not found]

Juan RP wrote:
Perhaps the errors that Sarton is seeing are related to the latest set
of changes that was made by pkgsrc/mk/curses.* by jlam@ some hours ago.

I just realised I have no idea how these make fragments hold together. I'm lost, but it seems viable that this could be the issue in that the changes relate to selecting curses, ncurses or pdcurses and the xentools build is explicitly looking for -lncurses.

Is there anyone with makefile-foo able to have a look? Or at least confirm (other than Kimi) that this is a real problem?

I'd like to make sure it's legit before I send-pr .... but with any luck, the right person will see this email ;)



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