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Re: xfig on amd64

> Is anyone successfully using xfig on amd64?  I get
>       xfig3.2.5-alpha5: SIGSEGV signal trapped
>       xfig: figure empty or not modified - exiting
>       Abort (core dumped) 
> when I try to open an existing file.

I am using:

tx:xfig$ uname -pr
4.0_RC4 x86_64

I just installed from pksgrc:


I used pkgsrc since I am using modular X11.

I was able to run it, draw a quick picture and save it. Exited and then 
reran xfig with the saved file on the command line argument. And it opened
and it worked fine for me.

If you want me to try your file, feel free to email it to me or point me 
to it off list.

  Jeremy C. Reed

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