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Re: Error replacing gnome-utils-

  ===> Replacing for gnome-utils-
  WARNING: experimental target - DATA LOSS MAY OCCUR.
  ERROR: No packages to tarup identified!
  Usage: /usr/pkg/bin/pkg_tarup [-a] [-K pkg_dbdir] [-d pkgrepository]
  pkg_sufx] installed_pkg|pattern [...]
  The following environment variables are used:
   (unless overriden by command line parameters)
   PKGREPOSITORY - A destination directory for packages (/tmp)
   PKG_DBDIR     - The location of the package database directory
   PKG_SUFX      - The suffix to append to the package (.tgz)
  *** Error code 1

If you are getting to this stage by 'make replace OLDNAME=gnome2-utils',
or anything beyond 'make replace', please include that important detail.

Look in work, and you'll see .replace_oldname and .replace_newname.  It
looks above like .replace_oldname is not set to something that matches
an installed package.  Check the value against pkg_info.  I just added a
better error message, but the problem is probably that oldname is empty.

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