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Re: general problem with pkgsrc on 64bit linux

  So, I take it you're using pkgsrc on 64-bit Linux running on amd64
  platform. I don't have much experience with this platform, I built
  32-bit and 64-bit packages on SPARC Solaris and didn't really have any

  Do you have a mixture of 32- and 64-bit libraries? Are they located
  under /lib, /usr/lib for 32-bit and /lib64, /usr/lib64 for 64-bit? Are
  you only trying to build 64-bit packages?

I have dealt with 64-bit linux only a little bit as part of GNU Radio.
It's a very different scheme from the NetBSD way.  Basically /usr/lib
has 32-bit libraries (which netbsd would put in /emul/netbsd32), and
there is /usr/lib64 for what we'd call the 'native' libraries.  I gather
than on such systems regular binaries are usually 64-bit programs.

This use of lib64 is an alternate compatibility strategy for 32-bit
binaries on 64-bit systems.  My feeling is that it's much less general
and less clean, but it doesn't require the NAMI changes that NetBSD's
emulation scheme has to look in /emul/foo.

For pkgsrc, I would think that respecting the platform's original linker
paths would be adequate.  I am not clear on whether on 64-bit linux if
'cc' by itself is set for 32-bit binaries, or 64-bit, and how pkgsrc
manages this.

Hope this helps....

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