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Re: HEADS UP: security/audit-packages removal

On Fri, 11 Jan 2008, Adrian Portelli wrote:

> Ok, I'll remove security/audit-packages on Sunday and bump PKGTOOLS_REQD.

And add a note to the vulnerabilities database about it?

I don't understand the PKGTOOLS_REQD bump at this time.

Even if you remove security/audit-packages, I don't see how that will 
cause problems for the near future (as long as we provide the 
vulnerabilities database compatible with it).

If someone wants to install audit-packages, they can choose to install 
pkg_install. And if they already have audit-packages why are they required 
to update pkg_install?

Why is bumping PKGTOOLS_REQD required? Maybe that should not be bumped 
until the old vulnerabilities database is no longer updated.

  Jeremy C. Reed

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