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Re: HEADS UP: security/audit-packages removal

Hisashi T Fujinaka wrote:
> I'm unclear on the whole thing. On my -current system, audit-packages
> does nothing. Well, it does something but doesn't indicate anything.
> What am I supposed to be doing to check my packages on -current?

Have a look at the MESSAGE from pkgsrc/pkgtools/pkg_install and see if
that answers any of your questions.  I'd point you to other sources on but I've just realised they are not fully up to date :<
 I'll get on to updating them ASAP, but basically you:

* Run download-vulnerability-list from cron to get the updated list of
vulnerable packages (a.k.a pkg-vulnerabilities)
* Run audit-packages from cron to scan for installed vulnerable packages

Also, if you install a package, and the pkgsrc infrastructure detects
you have the pkg-vulnerabilities file, it will warn you if the package
you are trying to install has any known security issues.

> I'm also sane and run "stable" versions of netbsd on several
> "production" servers rather than -current. What do I use instead of
> audit-packages?

As I mentioned in my initial email all the functionality in
security/audit-packages is now in pkg_install.  Just make sure you have
a recent pkg_install package (i.e. post 20070714) and you will have all
the tools at your disposal.

> Apparently something changed and I missed the notification, or perhaps
> it was all decided on netbsd-core and the regular folks have no idea
> what's going on. (Yes, this is yet another ignored complaint about
> netbsd-core's opacity.)

The only real change that's gone on here is that security/audit-packages
has been replaced by tools in pkgtools/pkg_install.  With that
replacement has come extra functionality and improved performance.  So
basically is a case of "same job, different tools".  Nothing has been
hidden here and there are multiple emails to public lists and
announcements that detail this [1].  Also, all the tools have associated
man pages.




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