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Re: packaging: how to use official target explicitly in Makefile

Klaus Heinz wrote:
Klaus Heinz wrote:

I want to use one of the official stage targets as an explicit
requirement for a helper target "foo" in a package Makefile, like this:
foo: extract
        do something with extracted files

While this works now, after PR pkg/34061 was closed, I do not understand
why the patch stage is also completed if "foo" only depends on

   $ make foo
   ===> Overriding tools...
   ===> Creating toolchain wrappers...
   ===> Extracting...
   ===> Patching...
   => Applying pkgsrc patches...
   => Verifying patch-aa...

This is a side-effect of the barrier code. When it hits the "extract" source dependency for "foo", it tries to pass through the barrier by invoking a new make process. Unfortunately, the barrier code doesn't know about "foo", so it ends up just calling a bare "make". You can see this if you do the above while setting PKG_VERBOSE=yes. If there was a way to get the list of make targets passed to the make process within the Makefile, then this would be extremely easy to solve, but my close reading of the make(1) man page shows no way to do this.

I would like to preserve the barrier code because it flattens out the pkgsrc build process and speeds it up. I don't see a way to make "foo" depend directly on "extract" without passing more information to the barrier routines. Would the following syntax be acceptable?


    foo-barrier: extract
            do something with extracted files

Then from the command line, you would do "make foo". It's certainly more roundabout, but I can easily insert code into to make this work. This syntax would be needed wherever you used one of the "barrier-aware" targets as a source dependency. The current list of "barrier-aware" targets can be listed with:




        -- Johnny Lam <>

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