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Re: suse 10.0 packages: imported


I just imported some emulators/suse100_* packages, to provide 
openSUSE 10.0 packages for i386, x86_64 and powerpc with linux

Most of them is copied from the suse91_ packages. I did put myself as
maintainer, but it is just to avoid forcing people to maintain packages
they don't imported. So if you want to maintain one or more of those
packages, just just take them (maybe the maintainers form the 91
packages, jdolecek, tron, joerg ?).

Geert and I tested them on i386, and had no trouble. On powerpc, things
are less good, but simple apps do work. I haven't tested on x86_64. 

Do not hesitate to try those packages, use them, make them better,
maintain them...

Best regards,

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