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Re: gnome2-applets problem

On Tue, 7 Mar 2006, Paulo Aukar wrote:

> Unhappily I have not the necessary knowledge to make a patch (for the 
> moment at least ;-)). The problem is at line 956 of 
> gnome2-applets/work/gnome-applets-2.12/mixer/applet.c.
> After changing lrint for rint everything worked well.

Thanks for letting us know.

One way to do it is to copy mixer/applet.c to mixer/applet.c.orig (before 
your change). Then run:
diff -u mixer/applet.c.orig mixer/applet.c

That creates a patch.

Then you can add a $NetBSD$ CVS ID tag to top and put in the pkgsrc 
patches directory (see other examples there). And run "make makepatchsum" 
to update the distinfo file.

(You can also use the pkgtools/pkgdiff package tools to help instead.)

 Jeremy C. Reed

echo 'I7@87944:;6<754372=9=?48812=7043:>' | tr '0-@' 'wutrofn'

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