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Re: problem updating pkg_install [solved]

Martina Mostert wrote:
===> Becoming root%pinguin.privat@localhost to install pkg_install.
/usr/bin/su ===> usage: pkg_admin [-V] command args ...
Where 'commands' and 'args' are:
 rebuild                     - rebuild pkgdb from +CONTENTS files
 check [pkg ...]             - check md5 checksum of installed files
 lsall /path/to/pkgpattern   - list all pkgs matching the pattern
 lsbest /path/to/pkgpattern  - list pkgs matching the pattern best
 dump                        - dump database
 pmatch pattern pkg          - returns true if pkg matches pattern, otherwise
false is already installed - perhaps an older version?

I have tracked down the problem to a very outdated pkg_admin binary. Looking at the "usage" line and the CVS history, it is clear that the program is from 2003 or even earlier.

To fix this problem, bootstrap pkgsrc as explained in the pkgsrc user guide.


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