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Re: problem updating pkg_install

Martina Mostert wrote:
===> Installing for pkg_install-20051122
===> Becoming root%pinguin.privat@localhost to install pkg_install.
/usr/bin/su ===> usage: pkg_admin [-V] command args ...
Where 'commands' and 'args' are:
 rebuild                     - rebuild pkgdb from +CONTENTS files
 check [pkg ...]             - check md5 checksum of installed files
 lsall /path/to/pkgpattern   - list all pkgs matching the pattern
 lsbest /path/to/pkgpattern  - list pkgs matching the pattern best
 dump                        - dump database
 pmatch pattern pkg          - returns true if pkg matches pattern, otherwise
false is already installed - perhaps an older version?

Hello Martina,

please run make(1) with the PKG_DEBUG_LEVEL=2 argument, which makes all the shell commands visible when they are executed. Then it is easier to see where pkg_admin fails and why.

As the output will get quite large then, you should redirect it into a file and post only the part between the "Becoming root" and the error message.


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