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Re: libtool without pkgsrc on DragonFly and no RPATH (fwd)

On Thu, 2 Mar 2006, Ralf Wildenhues wrote:

> > The version_type difference is a pkgsrc-ism that is not related to your
> > problem.  The switch to "linux" in pkgsrc just changes how the .so.* name is
> > constructed, for reasons documented on tech-pkg in late 2004, and PR
> > pkg/26633 (it's a "too many major version bumps" issue).
> I might have asked this before: should that switch also be reflected in
> GNU Libtool "upstream"?

It doesn't break anything, technically, but it does change the linkage of
dependent libraries or applications (so prebuilt applications from before
the change cannot be run against updated libraries built after the change).

In pkgsrc, a flag day was avoided by bumping all versions and their
dependency information just after the libtool change to version_type=linux.
In other environments, switching may be more nasty, so it really should be
up to "whoever maintains libtool for that platform" to make the switch.

NOTE:  There's also a change in patch-ac ( to add $versuffix2,
which is the same as $versuffix, but truncated to 2 numeric parts to make
older dynamic linkers happier where libtool had been using only 2 parts
previously.  pkgsrc uses $versuffix2 in libtool.m4 on NetBSD (a.out only),
FreeBSD/DragonFly, and OpenBSD; other platforms of version_type=linux use
the default 3-part $versuffix.

-- Todd Vierling <> <> 

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