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Re: libtool without pkgsrc on DragonFly and no RPATH (fwd)

On Thu, 2 Mar 2006, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:

> Now I see this is documented for pkgsrc in
> pkgsrc/devel/libtool/patches/manual.README (see the CVS URL I provided
> yesterday) which says that a patch is provided for the libtool.m4 file
> (which does work), but:
>    These patches are not part of the automatic patches because libtool
>    also installs these .m4 files at runtime, and we want the
>    "off-the-shelf" versions of those files used instead.
> Well in this case, the "off-the-shelf" version does not work on DragonFly.
> Until fixes go upstream for at least DragonFly, the libtool.m4 could be
> patched

There are reproducability and GPL issues involved if pkgsrc is to install a
modified libtool.m4, precisely because that file is copied into libtoolized
packages.  That's why the manual patch exists.

I think the fix you need is the one added to pkgsrc in revision 1.19 of
libtool/patches/manual-libtool.m4.  If you wish to add that change to your
local installed copy of libtool.m4, that is fine, but do not add it to the
one that libtool-base installs.  I'll double check that the fix was pushed
back upstream, and will contribute it back myself if not.

The version_type difference is a pkgsrc-ism that is not related to your
problem.  The switch to "linux" in pkgsrc just changes how the .so.* name is
constructed, for reasons documented on tech-pkg in late 2004, and PR
pkg/26633 (it's a "too many major version bumps" issue).

-- Todd Vierling <> <> 

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