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Matthias Dro
chner writes:
> said:
>> I have no idea if it
>> would fix the error messages
>I didn't look, but since all gpg access goes through the gpgme
>library appearently it could well be that a buffer passed in for
>error messages is just too short.
>> getenv_r() failures were causing it to not find my  keyring
>Close. It was asking the environment for something else
>(gpg agent, no idea what this is good for), and did
>misinterpret the harmless "not present" return for something
>serious, and gave up reading keys too early.
>> I'll try 2.2.1 when I can.
>I've just committed this one. Fixes just minor bugs afaics.

I've installed it; I'll play with it soon.

                --Steven M. Bellovin,

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