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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/cross/mingw-binutils

* On 2012-10-11 at 19:17 BST, John Marino wrote:

> That leads to another tangent: No build farms.  In an ideal
> (fantasy) world, somebody would throw their proposed changed in a
> build farm and ensure that no regressions (build failures) were
> suffered on any platform.  Pkgsrc BADLY needs something like this.
> I know it costs money, I'm sure we could scrape together funds for a
> dedicated machine but it still has to be hosted and controlled with
> other machines.  I don't see any talk about a facility like this,
> but I think it's essential to keep QA levels up.

We (Joyent) have a pkgsrc build farm.  It's not public access, but I
am more than happy to run a bulk build for a particular change if
someone is worried it will break lots.

If you put the change up on github then it's even easier.

SmartOS only, though, of course :-)

Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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