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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/cross/mingw-binutils

On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 02:49:18PM +0400, Aleksej Saushev wrote:
> Yes, it is quite possible that NetBSD will never have GCC 4.7 in base.

We already have a GPL3 licensed GCC version, so while it's possible, I
wouldn't count on it. Depends on how the clang work goes, I guess.

> Here's where you prefer to ignore the reality.
> By any reasonable measure GCC 4.1 is not obsolete and thus should be 
> supported.

Well, I disagree. The last release of gcc-4.1 was in 2007. The last
release of gcc-4.2 was in 2008. For 4.3, it was 2011, so we could call
that semi-alive; I don't think they'll release any new versions of
that nor 4.4. I'm not sure if they make official announcements about
these decisions. I personally would call everything before 4.3
definitely unsupported by upstream, but my guess is that it's really
everything before 4.6, because only 4.6, 4.7 and the upcoming 4.8 are
listed on the official gcc webpage (center right,

So by the usual measures, it is obsolete. That doesn't affect that the
fact that it's still in use.

> > I am not saying 4.1 shouldn't be supported by pkgsrc.  However,
> > I will ask if there are written policies about what is
> > supported?   Do you cut it off at 2.95?  3.0?  3.4?  4.0?  4.1?
> 3.4 until Solaris, which is platform no. 2 for pkgsrc, completes its 
> transition.

The Solaris version for which I see the most work done is SmartOS, and
it's using 4.6 or 4.7 (Jonathan can correct me), not 3.4.

I don't see any reason you can call Solaris the platform no. 2 for
pkgsrc, except that it was the second platform that was supported by
pkgsrc, in 1999 I think, which has no impact on the discussion that
you're leading here that I can see.

Anyway, this discussion is going nowhere.

John had fixed the problem one way and now switched to another one
which should address all issues. He's listened to your request and
acted on it.

Nothing more to see or write here. Please do something useful instead.


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