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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/comms/asterisk18

On Dec 7,  5:05pm, John Marino wrote:
} On 7/17/2012 22:08, John Nemeth wrote:
} > On Dec 7,  3:55pm, John Marino wrote:
} >
} > } of the (unapproved) hack informs you of a problem.
} >
} >       An e-mail would inform me of the problem (I'm usually fairly
} > responsive to e-mails about Asterisk issues), and is the way things are
} > supposed to done.  It would also have given me a chance to work with
} > you to try to figure out the real problem, but apparently you aren't
} > interested in working with others to come up with real solutions, you
} > would rather just slap in a quick gross hack and move on.
} Apparently you just want to be a jerk about it.
} A) I didn't see the OWNER= definition

     This is not an excuse, you should have looked.

} B) I didn't know what it meant before today

     As the saying goes, "ignorance of the law is no excuse".  More to
the point, anybody doing pkgsrc work MUST read the Guide.  Now the
Guide doesn't contain everyting; I've certainly complained plenty of
times about missing information.  But, it does have a lot of neccessary
information.  Also, if you see something you don't understand, you
should find out what it is; it could be important.

} The vast majority of packages are maintained by "pkgsrc-users".

     And, those are fair game.

} Again, I am sorry and I will my best to avoid crossing paths in the 
} future.

     I recall a recent thread where you were doing things like:

#ifdef __DragonFly__
#include <some standard header>

In otherwords, this is not the first time, you've slapped in a quick OS
specific hack, instead of looking at the big picture, and finding a
proper solution.  In other words, this is not your first offence of
this nature; you have a history of doing things like ifdef DragonFly,
blah, and moving on.  Had it been your first offence, I might have been
more lenient.  NetBSD, and by extension, pkgsrc, is not about doing
what is most expedient, but rather about doing what is right.

}-- End of excerpt from John Marino

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