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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/comms/asterisk18

On 7/18/2012 03:07, John Nemeth wrote:
      As the saying goes, "ignorance of the law is no excuse".  More to
the point, anybody doing pkgsrc work MUST read the Guide.  Now the
Guide doesn't contain everyting; I've certainly complained plenty of
times about missing information.  But, it does have a lot of neccessary
information.  Also, if you see something you don't understand, you
should find out what it is; it could be important.

I never said I didn't the read the guide; you said that. I don't have eidetic memory, but it sounds like you expect everyone should.

      I recall a recent thread where you were doing things like:

#ifdef __DragonFly__
#include<some standard header>
> In otherwords, this is not the first time, you've slapped in a quickOS
> specific hack, instead of looking at the big picture, and finding a
> proper solution.  In other words, this is not your first offence of
> this nature; you have a history of doing things like ifdef DragonFly,
> blah, and moving on.

Oh you mean directly under the unpatched code:

> #ifdef __FreeBSD__
> #include<the same standard header>
> #endif

Those coda source files were filled with OS-specific macros. It's a filesystem package. You think that code is completely abstract?

It was the proper solution that completely fit in context. you picked the wrong example.

In general, I'm not going to risk breaking a working package. The correct thing to do is test every change on every platform. I don't have time to do that, so a os-specific fix that the package maintainer can apply globally later is fine with me. I also notice that in all your correctness, you also didn't take the time to test the Asterisk packages on the second biggest pkgsrc user. Ideally you should have; I refer to your direct quote below.

NetBSD, and by extension, pkgsrc, is not about doing
what is most expedient, but rather about doing what is right.

Look, John -
Let's just drop the conversation right now.
This interaction has been extremely distasteful to me and I really don't want to deal with you personally any more. I've heard your advice and I will take it in stride.


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