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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/comms/asterisk18

On 7/17/2012 22:08, John Nemeth wrote:
On Dec 7,  3:55pm, John Marino wrote:

} of the (unapproved) hack informs you of a problem.

      An e-mail would inform me of the problem (I'm usually fairly
responsive to e-mails about Asterisk issues), and is the way things are
supposed to done.  It would also have given me a chance to work with
you to try to figure out the real problem, but apparently you aren't
interested in working with others to come up with real solutions, you
would rather just slap in a quick gross hack and move on.

}-- End of excerpt from John Marino

Apparently you just want to be a jerk about it.
A) I didn't see the OWNER= definition
B) I didn't know what it meant before today
C) I apologized (I thought) for bypassing you already.
D) I would have emailed you if I knew A) and B)

The vast majority of packages are maintained by "pkgsrc-users".
Again, I am sorry and I will my best to avoid crossing paths in the future.


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