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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors

Gmail web sucks for such a purpose ... let me paste again:

case "${machine}" in
+     pmax | hp9000s300 | ibm370aix | ncr386 | ews4800 | mips-siemens | 
powerpcle | tandem-s2 )
+         echo "The system that you are configuring on: ${canonical} is 
considered to be obsolete"
+         echo "and it is planned to be desupported in the next version of 
+         echo "Please email as soon as possible 
if this system is still in use."
+         echo "The code is still functional, but you need to edit the 
'configure' script and remove the"
+         echo "exit 33 line.  After that you can run configure again and 
'complete' the build."
+         exit 33
+         ;;

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