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Re: CVS commit: pkgsrc/editors

> This was one of the things stopping me from updating emacs.  How did you
> deal with it?

I did nothing.

> *** Deprecated machine types
> pmax, hp9000s300, ibm370aix, ncr386, ews4800, mips-siemens, powerpcle,
> and tandem-s2
> *** Deprecated operating systems
> bsd386, bsdos2-1, bsdos2, bsdos3, bsdos4, bsd4-1, bsd4-2, bsd4-3,
> usg5-0, usg5-2-2, usg5-2, usg5-3, ultrix4-3, 386bsd, hpux, hpux8,
> hpux9, hpux9shr, hpux10, hpux10-20, aix3-1, aix3-2-5, aix3-2, aix4-1,
> nextstep, ux4800, uxpds, and uxpv

What part prevented you from updating?


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