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Re: pkg/47854: netatalk 3.0.4 from sourceforge does not build on NetBSD 6.0.x

At 23:20 Uhr +0000 1.6.2013, David Holland wrote:
>  >  The pkgsrc netatalk is v2.2.4, the submitter wants to run v3.
> Should we add a netatalk3 package using these patches? Or should
> net/netatalk be updated to v3? (I vaguely recall there's some reason
> not to do the latter...)

Netatalk 3 has dumped AppleTalk ddp support.

My suggestion would be to rename netatalk to "netatalk2" (and keep it, as
long as NetBSD ships with AppleTalk ddp support), and import a Netatalk 3.x
package as "netatalk".


"It's never straight up and down"     (DEVO)

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