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Re: Newer development boards

    That's why I would like to try NetBSD/evbarm on 64-bit ARM boards
but that seems more difficult than the 32-bit Raspberry Pi where I can
simply dump the image to an SD card.

I'm having a good experience using the PIN64 RockPro64 and NetBSD 10. I have it running various chores for my home lab (e.g. ffmpeg time-lapse generation for my weather cam). Last time I looked on their store these were available for the US market.

There are good NetBSD 10 images for the RockPro64. I use an eMMC. You can install an image + u-boot and be up and running quickly. HDMI works so you don't need a serial console.

It has 6 cores with big.LITTLE architecture. You can use schedctl -A 4,5 to use the faster cores for tasks. 4gb ram seems plenty, but if you do a build on it you'll want active cooling -- a few options there. I have an SSD PCIe card with ZFS (for snapshots) mounted and it has been stable.

Because the RockPro64 has been running well, I took the chance and bought a Pinebook Pro laptop and it also has been good -- perfect for me as a home lab BSD laptop.

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