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Announce: Xorg testing ground toolkit v0.0.1

Hello friends,

since I've received lots of questions from testing volunteers about how
build/install the recent Xserver revisions, I've created a little
toolkit for making this easier:

It pulls all the latest sources and builds/installs a simplicistic
X11 instance in a jail, so an Xserver can be launched from there,
using the real hardware. For the future I'm planning to add some
test automation, depending on what requirements the testers come up

This initial release is yet limited to Debian (on host as well as jail),
but the architecture is already designed to easily add more platforms.

One of the next things on my 2do-List is adding FreeBSD and NetBSD
support. The latter would also help filling the gap of currently
missing NetBSD CI @f.d.o.

I'd also welcome patches from Solaris/Illumos community :)

The code can be found at:

Feel free to play around, submit bugs reports and patches.

have fun,

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Enrico Weigelt, metux IT consult
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