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Re: Memory leaks in c/pthread libraries

Brian Marcotte <> writes:

> Since upgrading to NetBSD-10, we've seen memory leaks in several
> daemons which use libpthread:
>     gpg-agent
>     opendmarc
>     dkimpy_milter (python3)
>     syslog-ng (in some cases)
>     mysqld
>     mariadbd
> In most cases, the daemons leak as they are used, but running this
> will show the leak just sitting there:
>   gpg-agent --daemon
> I opened PR#57831 on this issue back in January.
> Has anyone noticed this?

I am seeing the leak with gpg-agent and mariadbd.  I don't run the rest
on 10.

gpg-agent had a SIZE of 17G with a reasonable rss, after 2h21h of
uptime.  This is a machine where gpg is basically not in used.  So it's
pretty bad.

And, on a  RPI4 also with 10:

 4212 mariadb   85    0  3734M  130M poll/0    145:16  0.00%  0.00% mariadbd

since 26May.  bad, but not nearly as much.

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