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Re: skills to document the netbsd kernel?


I *think* only Make ? (BSD’s is a little different from GNU’s.)

Some tools would help too:

  • C(E?)-Tags
  • Code-x-reference (there is a server on the website but it looks out 😢

Best of luck,

Let us know how we can help!

On Apr 13, 2021, at 12:31 AM, Mayuresh Kathe <> wrote:

while i possess decent technical skills, i lack knowledge of
ansi-c which i believe would be a must to read the source of
the netbsd kernel and most of the userland.
my question is; what topics should i acquire command over to
understand the netbsd kernel source with the intent of
documenting it? i guess i should be well versed in operating
systems theory and practise, but what else?
thank you.

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