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nVidia woes

I recently got a new computer, and because the shop where I was putting
it together didn't have a Radeon HD-5450 (which I know that works),
instead I chose a "ASUS GeForce GT 710 Silent, 1024 MB GDDR5". This is
apparently of the Kepler chipset generation, which we're supposedly
supporting in the nouveau driver (the one we have is not the newest..)

(sources: )

I installed 9.1.

This sort of... works...  Booting it in BIOS mode at least. But during
kernel configuration it sometimes has long pauses in it, like some

There are also graphics artifacts in "text mode" (before I start X).
Some parts of the text are not written on the screen, and/or there are
short horizontal lines in empty space.

X recognizes the card and also mostly works. At least, until it doesn't.
After a while the graphics just freeze. You can still move the mouse
(that's probably a sprite) and login via the network.

It's tantalizingly close to actually working like this...

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