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Re: NetBSD 9.1 amd64, base X11: garbled display

Could you post some details about which intel video device/chipset the
affected system is using?

There are some newer chips that can use AccelMethod SNA, but also require
Option TearFree (which IIRC is now on by default).  Otherwise, the screen
is garbled much as you describe.

There some older chips (e.g., i845, i855(?), i915) that work with
AccelMethod SNA and don't require Option TearFree (and need to disable
it to save the performance penalty).

Then there are some in the middle (e.g., i945, i946, G41, Q45) that
don't work with SNA at all (garbled screen much as you describe) and
require AccelMethod UXA.  We thought we'd figured out the non-working
range of chip generations and had them default to UXA and pulled that
up to netbsd-9 quite some months ago.

Sounds like you've found an outlier?

If you could move your "xorg.conf" aside, restart X, and post the
resulting "/var/log/Xorg.0.log", that might shed some light on which
chip is not covered by the above cases.


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