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Re: How to invoke 'make' for updating a meta package?

Excerpt from Greg Troxel:
> "meta packages" are special only in that they do not contain files.   So
> from an updating point of view

>   they aren't different

>   it doesn't matter about the package itself if it's out of date, but 
>   the point is that you get the dependencies, and newer versions at
>   times have a different set

> So as others said, pkg_rolling-replace or pkgin.
> I have long felt that "make update" had a too-high-for-me risk of
> leaving my installation messed up in a way that was hard to recover
> from, so my recommendation has been "No one should ever use make update"
> for a long time.  But that has nothing to do with meta packges.

I remember posting the question of how to recover from "make update" gone awry.

Never again!  I fully agree with your advice on never using "make update".

I was never able to recover from that mess; pkg_rolling-replace tried but fell way short of complete success.

Problem was modular-xorg, but perhaps the transition from Python 2.x to 3.x was the worse problem.

Troubles updating modular_xorg make me wonder if I should switch to native Xorg.  Base-system build seems able to manage updates in Xorg.


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