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Re: NetBSD 9.1 upgrade and file system crash - reboot fails

> FWIW, I had the same experience with file servers. Seagate comes last
> when I have to order the list of manufacturers from which to buy. 
> Western Digital, it depends on the series---but if a disk is bad,
> it is bad from the very beginning (unusable on arrival). I had good
> experience with Hitachi perhaps because IIRC they inherited IBM
> technology, but also more limited experience with their disks
> (more difficult to get here depending on the retailers or the size
> of the disk).
> This above represents just my experience with a limited number of disks
> (I'm not Google...).

	In my case, I only work with :

- IBM, now HGST
- Fujitsu, now Toshiba.

	I refuse Seagate, Samsung and other WD in my servers or workstations,
and I refuse SMR technology also.



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