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Re: [Q] 9.1 amd64 openJDK11 error on certificates

Thank you for the followups. I do not think I am clear on what I need to do to fix it.

Is there a specific package that I could install with pkgin or from pkgsrc that could fix this?

I have made my dev environment work with OpenJDK11 on OpenBSD, FreeBSD as well as others. But in those, there were no additional steps needed. So I am just not very familiar with this niche of setting up certificates for a jdk installation.

Thank you in advance for any guidance.

On 2020-10-25 09:43, Mike Pumford wrote:
On 25/10/2020 07:56, Michael van Elst wrote: (ts1000) writes:

But that first step is not working on netBSD-9.1 amd64
I tried with pkgin, as well as building openjdk11 from source.
Error is the same.

I also installed, with pkgin,

The mozilla certificates aren't used by Java. You probably have to
import them with keytool or similar.

That's true they are not. Java 8 builds its own cert store when it
builds. Looking at my Java 11 pkgsrc build from last week it appears
to import the mozilla root certs into its keystore as part of the
build process.

However at the end of the build process the openjdk8 package installs
the certificate in the install phase but the openjdk11 package does

No I know that some NetBSD people are against auto cert install but
given the pain of doing it for java it should probably be at least a
package option and in the absence of an option it seems to me that
mimicing openjdk8 and installing the certs is a good idea.

I'd be strongly against not installing the certs on openjdk8 as that
would mean I'd have to manually fix that up every time I did a package


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