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Re: altq filter acts before or after npf NAPT?

On ott 23 15:47, BERTRAND Joël wrote:

> 	If I remember, altq is applied after npf.
> My /etc/altqd.conf contains :
> legendre:[~] > cat /etc/altq.conf
> #tbrconfig
> interface wm0 bandwidth 8M priq
> class priq wm0 high_class NULL priority 1
> class priq wm0 low_class NULL priority 0 default


A huge thank you for this example. It's a big help.

> and altqd runs as expected. Only a few bugs. Don't try to launch
> /etc/rc.d/altqd reload, altqd will take 100% of a CPU.

Ok! I never tried :).

> Don't try to stop
> altqd, you will obtain a kernel panic.

I stopped it several times and then started it again. It all seems OK
(with NetBSD 9.0 release amd64, obviously rebuilt with the ALTQ kernel
options uncommented).

> 	In my example :
> - wm0 is WAN interface ;
> - agr0 is LAN interface ;
> - tap0 and tap1 are two interfaces of a bridge used for SIP and video
> calls (jitsi).

Thank you so much!


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