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Re: altq filter acts before or after npf NAPT?

On ott 23  8:19, Greg Troxel wrote:
> You should  be aware that not that many people use altq.

Yes, I was guessing this.

> (I used to use
> it heavily, even adding new queueing disciplines, but that was a very
> long time ago.)

The only important thing is if it's still a good tool for traffic
shaping. If it is old, there's no problem (as far as it's still good).

> So my advice is:
>   don't assume that others know the answers
>   read the source code
> I don't mean to discourage you from asking - that's 100% fine.  It's
> just that I expect that if you want to do what you are describing (which
> seems entirely reasonable), I think you will end up digging in to the
> code yourself.

It is a very honest advice/encouragement.

To avoid going off-topic, I'll be concise: you are right, in particular
for a couple of questions I asked here lately. Sometimes I don't feel
fully independent; in this case, there are two layered difficulties:
comprehension of network protocols/procedures, and comprehension of
source code. Each of them alone is beyond my capabilities.

However, I get the suggestion and will try to do my best.


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