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Re: Getting undefined reference to ___tls_get_addr when building packages on netbsd-5.2/i386

	hello.  As a final followup to this e-mail, I'll document what I found
so others, including my future self, can find the answer to this question.

	The problem is that NetBSD-5 supports threads, gcc4 supports threads
and thread local storage, but NetBSD-5 itself does not support thread local
storage.  Consequently, if you're trying to compile software that needs
threads and thread local storage on NetBSD-5, you need to disable threads,
if possible, on that software to get it to compile.  Stated another way, if
your software requires only thread support, NetBSD-5 has you covered.  But,
if you also need thread local storage, NetBSD-5 doesn't have that feature.
Worse, the tests automake runs to determine whether thread local storage is
functional succeed, leading to a situation where the build environment is
set to use thread local storage  when it doesn't actually work.  The work
around is to disable threads for software that requires both threads and
thread local storage.  
	This is probably not worth fixing, as it won't be long before NetBSD-5
is almost unusable, given the inability to compile openssl versions newer
than 1.0.2U on it.  

	Still, I'm glad I figured out a work around and I'm able to move on
with my current assignment without having to do an emergency server build.

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