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Re: Recent web page changes

As I recall there used to be a link to the mailing lists on the main web page under the Support category along with the ones that are still listed on the new web page.  Finding the link to “Release engineering” used to be a treasure hunt, but now it’s much easier with the link under Developers on the new main web page.


On Jul 31, 2020, at 7:18 AM, Greg Troxel <> wrote:

> Clay Daniels <> writes:
>> No one seems to have this fixed yet as far as I can see. However, majordomo
>> still works. I just sent an email to with the word
>> "lists" in the body of the mail, and it returned a list of mailing lists
>> and other helpful info.
> At:
> mailinglists are the first thing.  But they didn't have an obvious
> header, so I can see how they would be missed. 
>> I like the new look of the website, but we do need to make it a little
>> easier for folks not familiar with NetBSD to join a list. Maybe we are
>> trying to phase out the lists in favor of the forums?
> "We" are definitely not doing that.

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